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Enera work with over 400 private and public organisations globally. They successfully utilise our systems – some for daily operational requirements, others for emergency management and business continuity requirements. Everything we design, create and deliver is implemented with our core values in mind: Simple – Practical – Secure.


Communication system

RapidReach is our powerful communication system for operational, business continuity and emergency management requirements. RapidReach makes it easy to quickly alert, inform and mobilise people. RapidReach ensures secure, fast delivery of your message matched with response collection and comprehensive reporting. Our customers operate across many sectors, including but not limited to: manufacturing, utilities, nuclear, energy, IT, finance, shipping, supply chain, healthcare and education.

Field service management

Call&Report is a cost-effective and smart field service management tool. Call&Report helps you dispatch work orders, follow work progress and analyze results and costs. The system will log when field workers start and finish their work, and report their location. Job reporting is done using a GPS tracker or an app; both will report location and movement automatically. Call&Report is used for logging road maintenance work, green area maintenance, playground safety inspections, tree inspections, and much more.

Asset tracking and fleet management

Keep track of how your vehicles are used, avoid paperwork and any unpleasant surprises. WorkMirror fleet management software meets the HMRC’s requirements on documentation and provides flexibility at a low price for a mileage log. From £9/month.

Asset tracking keeps track of where containers, swap bodies, jumpers, dumpers or A-brackets are located can be both time consuming and cumbersome. With WorkMirror you keep track of where all the equipment is, which devices are due to pick up and which devices you have access to right now.


Our systems are designed to be simple to use. You certainly won’t have to become an IT expert to use our systems. Our aim is always that you will find our systems user-friendly. Through modular design, our systems deliver only the functionality that you require. Removing unnecessary functionality provides system users with a low learning threshold and provides a tool that is intuitive and easy to adopt. 


Some IT systems are never commissioned and therefore fail to deliver the expected results. The reason is often that they are impractical to use, too difficult and time-consuming to incorporate. We work hard to provide systems that are practical to use and easy to adopt and provide the results that you require. Through modular design, our systems can easily be adapted to meet the changing requirements of the customer.


We host over 400 databases and each year we transfer more than 1.5 million messages to over 365,000 recipients on behalf of our customers. We highly value our customer’s trust and confidence in our systems, and take information security very seriously. We are ISO 27001 certified and meet the GDPR requirements. Further more, for customers who want to store their data locally, we offer an On-Premise solution.

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Your focus is our focus

We deliver solutions that are smart and designed to be simple and easy to use. Nevertheless, questions and problems sometimes still arise. If you require assistance or have a question, you can rest assured that you will reach us when you need it. When you contact us you will not be placed in a seemingly endless call queue, and your email will never disappear into a “black hole”. We will answer your questions directly over the phone and respond to your email as soon as we can.

people who report or receive information

critical calls and SMs conveyed every year

enabled and registered GPS positions per year 


Using inventive techniques and focusing on continuous improvements have made us a leading vendor in our segment and created opportunities for our systems in many varying sectors. Our latest addition to RapidReach is a simple but smart touchscreen Notification Panel, further simplifying the process of initiating alerts for highly time-critical events. Our push notification solution, SmartPhone Alert, is a modern alternative to paging systems, ensuring secure and reliable delivery of alerts over data connections and WiFi.

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As a successful, expanding business we are always looking for talented, qualified and dedicated people to join our team. Take a look through our current openings and which roles we are currently recruiting for right now. Please get in touch if your profile isn’t an exact match for a current opening; as we may have a position to meet your skillset and experience soon.

Stability and credibility

The Enera group has been delivering business critical systems for over 25 years. We believe in long term stability, and seek to form long term relationships with both partners and customers. Many of our customers have been with us for a long time. Enera has a history of stable growth and profitability and has grown without venture capital. Enera is ISO 9001 certified and ISO 27001 certified.

Reliable and robust solutions

Our solutions are used in business critical and time critical applications where continuity, reliability and security are top priorities. All our systems are designed for high availability and reliability and we never compromise on security.


Our customer service or sales department can help you regarding our solutions, just send an email or call us.


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